Creating healthy, sustainable and profitable food solutions

Defugo Bioceuticals is a biotech company focused on improving the nutritional profile of processed food and beverages. Using innovate production processes to recover the natural goodness lost through the processing of vegetables, fruit and cane, Defugo enables manufactures to enrich processed foods with the health and taste benefits nature intended.

The world faces two critical challenges when it comes to food – having enough to feed 9 billion people by 2050 and getting people to make healthier food choices so as to stop the chronic disease epidemic that will be the cause of 75% of all deaths by 2030. Defugo’s focus on biotechnology will help feed the world by creating healthy, sustainable and profitable food solutions primarily from food waste.

Defugo Bioceuticals’ technology enables its customer and partners to improve their food production processes and profitability by:

1.  Substantially improving yield extraction, profitability and revenues from raw food processing, via multi-feedstock processing 365 days per year
2.   Producing food ingredients and products that can aid in fighting chronic disease
3.  Creating new products through utilising traditional waste (eg. citrus peel, whole fruits, sugarcane and other raw ingredients) and extracting high-value products
4.  Reducing the energy and water required for processing dramatically, by using the food’s natural water content in a chemical free process


Products using our ingredients include:


Juice Lab

One of Australia’s fastest growing juice brand

Our premium Not For Concentrate (NFC) juices are used as a base in Juice Lab pressed juice products and our 100% natural fruit fibre in Juice Lab smoothies, sold in major supermarkets in Australia.



Redefining healthy snacking
For children

An innovative range of natural snacks comprising fruit juice, fruit water and fruit snacks. All are manufactured using ingredients derived from the Counter Current Extraction (CCE) process, have clean labels and taste great!



100% sustainable
fruit water

Sens utilises the natural fruit water captured directly during our fresh juice processing. The natural fruit aroma evokes a taste sensation for ultimate hydration while refreshing the senses.



Innovative use of
fruit waste

Our natural dietary fibres are used in HiFi Fibre, sold in supermarkets around Australia. This pure dietary fibre is separated from the fruit and dried, resulting in a balance of insoluble and soluble fibre, essential for inner health.

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Our Team


David Coleman


David is the founder of Defugo Bioceuticals, a leader in South East Asia for developing both software and physical logistic supply chain solutions. Defugo Bioceuticals has created, developed and sold software platforms, built bottling and packaging solutions and developed and advised on supply chain solutions for some of Asia’s biggest companies.

David has more than 20+ years experience in supply chain solutions management. During his active service with the Australian Army he developed solutions for the United Nations. Post-army, he created and implemented transport plans for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and worked with British Petroleum’s Knowledge Management Team in the UK. This experience ignited David’s interest in technology and understanding the multiplier effect can have on an organisation; information and knowledge he has used to build Defugo Bioceuticals.

David’s supply chain experience, combined with his understanding of how to build and apply technology, has lead to Defugo Bioceuticals growing exponentially in just a few short years and to count some of the worlds biggest brands as its customers.


Stephen Watts


Stephen “Steve” Watts is Chief Executive Officer at Defugo Bioceuticals, working with industry leading scientists, engineers and business leaders, to bring healthier lives to the world’s population through innovative food manufacturing and ingredients extraction processes.

With deep expertise in new digital business models, he is a recognised industry advocate in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship and operational excellence.

After a decade in the engineering sector, Steve’s career followed a natural transition into a lifelong journey accelerating business success based in technology, most recently building out one of the world’s largest software businesses into a multi-billion dollar success story across Asia Pacific and Japan.

With a higher purpose to restore the true goodness of nature to the food that we eat, Steve continues to build incredibly diverse and successful teams that enable our customers to improve operational landscapes, refocus and turnaround poorly performing business units and rapidly scale start-up opportunities.

Steve earned his MBA from Australia’s Southern Cross University and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Tim Lang

Chief Technical Officer

Tim founded LangTech and invented the Counter Current Extraction (CCE) technology to extract juice, fibre, flavour and colour from fruits, vegetables and sugar cane to be used as natural food ingredients.

Tim has over 40 years of experience in the food processing industry, was instrumental in developing technology improvements for the Australian wine industry and has consulted to many food processing companies in Europe, North and South America, Australia and New Zealand.

Tim implemented the technology platform for Ocean Spray that now runs more than 20 CCE’s in its production facilities around the world.


Chuck Mulloy

Group General Manager, Business Development

Chuck has led the transformation of many technology businesses since moving from the US to Asia. Leadership roles in US, Japan, Singapore, China and India have ensured his broad based readiness to help customers build scale and success as they benefit from the opportunities of new innovative technologies and processes. In addition to corporate leadership roles for major MNC’s, Chuck founded a software company dedicated to building mobile application technology that delivered privacy across the social media platform landscape. He has also led extensive transformational work in the e-commerce space and integrated supply chain logistics with Alibaba for Wilmar China and has proven experience managing a global portfolio of intellectual property consisting of several hundred trademarks and patents across 20 countries for BandLab, one of the Wilmar family companies focused on music technology and collaboration in the cloud.



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